Australian Shepherds Mount Laguna and Sunset Cliffs

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Knox and Dune’s Two Dog Photography Sessions

Knox and Dune’s Mama, Kasia, contacted me to inquire about a dog photography session for her 2 Australian Shepherds, one of them who was only 6 months old! She wanted to do multiple sessions to capture the youngest, Dune, as a puppy and then again when he turned 1 year old. I absolutely loved this idea and suggested we do 2 pet photography sessions 6 months apart. The end result would be a beautiful signature album containing images from both photoshoots. 

australian shepherd dog standing in a sunny meadow

Our first dog photo session took place in September in the beautiful mountains of Mount Laguna. It was still pretty warm weather, so we met before sunset. What I love about this location is that it’s usually not crowded and we have plenty of space to roam with the dogs off-leash! We hiked a bit into the forest to capture some beautiful backlit photos of Knox and Dune. 

two autralian shepherd dogs running in a sunny meadow

You can tell their mom takes her own photos of them because they knew how to pose! They hopped onto rocks, sprinted through the meadow and had a wonderful time exploring Mount Laguna. We probably hiked about a mile and a half together all while documenting how much fun they were having. 

We waited a whole six months for their second BMAC Pet Photography session and this time, Kasia decided the beach would be a perfect spot since they would be moving out of state soon! She suggested Sunset Cliffs and I said, sure why not?!

It was a full sun day the day of our shoot and we met about 45 minutes before sunset, so that we could continue to shoot after the sun went down. My hubby came to assist with the photo session and was super helpful because we used a reflector for most of the shots to avoid harsh shadows. 

Dune thoroughly impressed me with how mature he had become and what a good model he was at 1 year old. He did so great posing in the wildflowers and so did his brother.

tricolor australian shepherds sitting on a cliff in front of waves crashing at the beach

We made sure to get a few shots of Knox and Dune sitting with the beautiful Sunset Cliffs cliffside in the background along with the ocean and waves crashing. Of course we had to get mom in a few photos, too!

tricolor australian shepherd sitting on a cliff in front of a sunset at the beach

By this time, the spot we were at was packed with people waiting to watch the sunset. We managed to find a small open area to snag for some photos. As the sun was setting, both boys posed perfectly for an epic sunset shot. I used my Westcott Ice Light to get some nice light on the front of them!

Once the sun had dipped below the horizon, we got to do one of my favorite types of photos: silhouettes. Knox and Dune looked longingly at their mama for each of their photos, then got in a photo with her as well. 

We had the place almost to ourselves by the time we left and got some good variety of photos for being in such a small spot. I was so excited to edit these photos, I had a proofing gallery ready for Kasia to go through by the next day! She picked her images and then I got to editing and designing a beautiful custom photo album with images from both sessions. 

I am so happy she will have this to look back on and cherish forever! 

Happy Tails! <3