Beauty Coronado Dog Beach

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Beauty the Pittie Coronado Dog Beach San Diego

Beauty’s mom, Desiree, contacted me in August about a photo session with her 6-year-old pittie. Unfortunately Beauty had been diagnosed with cancer, and she didn’t know how much time they had left together. Beauty and her biological mama, Arizona, had a photo session together at Coronado dog beach years prior, so we decided on the same location for Beauty’s photoshoot.

Sometimes I worry about shooting at San Diego dog beaches because it can be crowded and hard to find a space without other dogs running into your shots. Lucky for me, I found out pretty quickly that my model had eyes for only 2 things: her mom and a tennis ball. This worked to our advantage and we had no issues with other dogs getting in the shots!

Desiree let Beauty off leash, but she stayed in a perfect heel next to her. We started our session in the ice plant on the sand dunes at the entrance to dog beach with a view of Hotel Del in the background. The sky looked so gorgeous with the clouds rolling in, and Beauty posed like the perfect girl she is. 

After this, we walked towards the water and somehow found a spot where no other dogs bothered us. It wasn’t long until Beauty was in her own world with her ball and had a blast fetching and splashing in the waves. You would have never known that she was battling and sort of illness. Dogs are amazing that way. 

Beauty splashed and played to her heart’s content. Then we got a few special shots of Desiree and Beauty together. It was fun to create some images where Desiree is partially in the image, while Beauty was the center of attention. 

After an hour and a half together, Beauty was tired and we got all the shots we needed, so we headed out. As we walked towards the car, I couldn’t help but watch Beauty in amazement. She was by far the sweetest, most mellow pitbull I have ever met and just looked at her mama with so much love.

Just over 2 weeks after our photo session, Desiree told me the devastating news that it was time and Beauty had crossed the rainbow bridge. My heart sank knowing how hard it is to say goodbye. I feel so honored and grateful to have been able to capture memories for Desiree to cherish forever even though Beauty may no longer be with her. She chose a beautiful canvas and acrylic print to display Beauty’s images.  Thank you for trusting me with these photos.

Run free, sweet Beauty <3