Black German Shepherd Coronado Cays 

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Baloo’s Dog Photography Session Coronado Cays Dog Park San Diego

Baloo’s dad, Andrew reached out about a special session for his girlfriend’s black German shepherd dog’s 13th birthday. It was her family dog and she had him since he was just a puppy. Baloo was now starting to show signs of his age (especially in his joints) and can’t walk as well, although he still has the mind of a puppy. 

Baloo lives in San Diego while Andrew and Julie live in LA, but they were going to be visiting for the weekend and wanted to capture photos at a special park on Coronado island that they always used to go to. 

We were able to make it happen and decided to meet early morning on a Sunday to avoid any crowds. Although this spot may not have been one that I put on my own location list, the fact that it had special meaning to my clients meant that it was the perfect place for photos. Baloo also can’t walk very far, so it was nice to be able to park close by and only walk as far as we needed to go.

Baloo was obviously excited to be at his favorite park that he hadn’t been to in 2 years! It was even hard to keep up with him at times! 

We started the session with some shots of Baloo and Julie. We quickly learned what worked to get his attention, and it wasn’t treats! It was his pink squeaker ball that he looked intently at. Whenever he got it from us, he would quickly scurry off to a new spot as if to say “come chase me!”

Baloo posed for some photos of just him and truly looks like a puppy in them! If he didn’t have any gait abnormalities you’d never know he is 13!

We continued the session just going at his pace and letting him be a dog and have fun. Then he did the absolute most adorable trick “bang” and laid down on his side for some truly adorable shots in the grass. 

We did some family photos and more candid ones and let Baloo dictate where he wanted to pose. 

girl laying in the grass with her black german shepherd dog

Julie requested a shot where she was laying with Baloo on the ground and luckily with the help of Andrew and my husband, we were able to get the shot in a few tries. It’s probably my favorite from his whole BMAC Pet Photography session! 

After about an hour, we had tons of good shots and Baloo was getting tired, so we called it a day. He did so well and the photos turned out super special and adorable. 

So excited that Andrew and Julie decided to enjoy their favorite portrait of him on a stunning metal print as well as having digital files to share and enjoy!