Black Labradoodle Coronado Island

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Mono’s Dog Photography Session San Diego

Mono’s mom, Fany, reached out to me about a session to capture her sweet 5-year-old black Labradoodle, who she had since he was just 12 weeks old. He unfortunately had just been diagnosed with the C word. Cancer. It had happened very quickly and he was having good days and bad, so we scheduled a shoot for as soon as possible, the next weekend.

She told me all about Mono and how they loved to swim, run and do just about everything together. She said he loves all people and dogs and is just the happiest, sweetest boy. 

We decided on Coronado Island for a location because they live downtown and see the Coronado bridge from their balcony everyday. She also wanted to see if he would get into the water and swim and knew he loved to romp on the beach, so it was the perfect spot. 

Mono was feeling really good for our session! When we met, he was so friendly and immediately loved me because I had very high value treats. He did have a bit of a limp, but that didn’t stop him from enjoying himself. 

We started the session keeping him dry and having him pose among the rocks on the shoreline with the Coronado bridge in the background.  Mono was very talkative and let me know when he wanted to be paid for his posing skills. 

After this, we headed towards the beach area at Tidelands Park and captured some sweet moments between Fany and Mono. You could tell right away just how strong their bond was. We got a few photos of Mono among the many boats that are on the beach and then he and his mom headed to the shoreline to see if he wanted to play ball. He didn’t go swimming, but did have a blast running along the shoreline. 

The sun was starting to set, so we went to our second location of the evening: Coronado Dog Beach. We drove over, found parking and Fany and Mono met us at the entrance. Mono was in his chariot (dog stroller) at this point to save some energy. 

It was high tide when we got there, but there was still plenty of space and not too many other dogs around. Mono posed for a few photos with a reflection on the water and even got a little energy up to run towards me for some action shots. 

I wanted one more image using my wide angle lens, so I found a patch of ice plant and got out the ice light to capture Mono as larger than life with a beautiful cloudy sky in the background.

At this point, you could tell he was getting a little tired, so he loaded into his stroller and we headed back to our cars. It was a super fun evening!

Later that night, I got a text from Fany saying Mono fell asleep sitting up in the car before they even got home (they don’t have a very long drive). Safe to say he had a great time!

I am honored that I was able to photograph sweet Mono so his mom will have these memories of him to look back on forever. She chose to enjoy his images in a signature album that she will get to flip through and loll back on whenever she’d like.

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