Emerson’s Ruff Commercial Pet Photography

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Emerson’s Ruff San Diego, CA Dog Treats

Emerson’s Ruff is a local Oceanside, CA company that offers a unique and novelty type of dog treat. The packaging makes it look like “dip” or chewing tobacco, but what’s inside is all sustainably sourced and super healthy! The main product I photographed was their beef and shrooms blend which includes organic beef, organic shiitake mushroom, bee pollen and organic coconut oil. How amazing is that ingredient list?! 

I met the company founder, Carly, through Pet Power Studio because she has the absolute cutest Pittie named Emmy! We got along right away because she opts for healthy treats and raw feeds Emmy, just like I do. 

I was stoked when she told me about her business and wanted me to take branding photos of their product by itself and also being enjoyed by pups. She wanted the branding photos to have a grungy Oceanside vibe and loved the outside of a bar called Pour House that had tables, a white wall and cacti to photograph with, so that’s where we shot!

The morning of our shoot I expected it to be overcast by the coast, but a heat wave was going through San Diego, so there was full bright sun that morning. We made it work by shooting mostly in the shade against the white wall and the vibe actually matched really well with their black and off-white packaging. 

The resulting images consisted of photos of their product, photos of t-shirts with and without human models, Emmy with the product in her pocket, humans with the product in their pocket, Emmy eating the product with Chris and Carly and some family photos for their About Me page.

How BMAC served Emerson’s Ruff:

  • 1.5 hour session located at a bar in Oceanside, CA to capture product photos and lifestyle photos of the product being enjoyed by her dog, Emmy, along with her fiancee Chris
  • Additional images taken at beach location of the product only
  • Use of my dog, Barley, as as second model
  • Gallery of over 60 images to choose from
  • 2 week editing turnaround time with high-res and web-optimized files 
dog dip treat product sitting on a column in front of blue ocean water

This commercial pet photography session was so much fun and I loved creating these images to help market and sell their new and super innovative product that can be used both as a treat or a food topper! Emerson’s Ruff now has strong imagery for their website and social media to make their brand stand out!

If you’d like to chat about photography needs that your brand has, reach out here. I’d love to hear from you!