Jagger and Tucker Coronado Dog Beach

by | Photo Sessions

Low Tide Session Coronado, California

I first met Jagger and his little sister Sierra and their mom Cat at a dog photography workshop in Lake Tahoe, California in the spring of 2022. They applied to be dog models for our workshop and were one of the lucky ones to be chosen!

They were 2 of the dogs I got to photograph at beautiful Emerald Bay. Jagger had the most awesome doodle fur that blew in the wind and Sierra’s fur was tied up in an awesome bun. They were an adorable pair!

Cat reached out to me because she was going to be staying on Coronado Island in San Diego and was hoping to have photos taken of Jagger and his best buddy named Tucker, who is also a Goldendoodle. They met through instagram and have been friends for years! Both dogs are getting older (10 and 11), so Cat wanted to capture their friendship.

Since they were already staying on Coronado, we decided to have their dog photography session at Coronado dog beach at sunset. It was low tide, which usually means there’s more room on the beach so it was perfect!

We met at the dog beach entrance and all the dogs were immediately obsessed with me because I had cheese and freeze-dried duck treats. We started out the session by keeping the dogs dry and having them pose in the ice plant towards the beginning of dog beach. The boys each had a bandana with their name on it and looked so dapper!

After this, we headed to dog beach and the boys posed in front of the lifeguard tower. I wouldn’t mind those two patrolling the beach all day! 

I could tell Tucker was read to hit the water, so after this the dogs got to be off leash and tucker ran right in! While Cat was getting Jagger read for more photos, Tucker’s mom let him chase the birds that were hanging out near the water. He ran full speed ahead over to them and you could tell how much he loved it!

The tide was so low that I was able to capture beautiful reflections of Jagger and Tucker sitting near the ocean. 

I could tell right when I arrived to the dog beach that the sunset was probably going to be beautiful because there were thin, swirly clouds in the sky and boy was I right! Sunset was probably one of the most epic and beautiful sunsets I had seen in a long time. The combination of the sunset and low tide made for great opportunity to capture some silhouette photos with both the humans and the dogs. 

Jagger and Tucker posed for a few more shots and we enjoyed the evening letting them run and play. I didn’t want to stop shooting because the conditions were so perfect, but eventually I had to. Jagger didn’t want to leave, but begrudgingly followed all of us back to our cars. I handed off their goody bags and went right home to upload and look at all the photos I got!

I was so happy to see my Houndvision models again and photograph Jagger in a totally different location!

Happy Tails! <3