Labradoodle Scripps Pier La Jolla

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Harvey’s Dog Photography Session San Diego

Harvey the Labradoodle was the lucky winner of BMAC Pet Photography’s giveaway celebrating 2 years in business back in May! His mom won a complimentary session and product credit to go towards any products or digital files she wanted!

We decided to have his session at the beach and landed on Scripps Pier in La Jolla because it has the iconic pier, beautiful cliffs and plenty of space on the beach! We picked a morning when it was negative tide, which is always a favorite to shoot!

Harvey was so excited to be at the beach when he showed up. He just wanted to run and play, but was very well-behaved listening to his mom and staying close since the beach is technically on-leash only. 

We started the session out with some photos at the pier and it was so nice because although it was wet, there was plenty of space and even a few patches of dry sand for Harvey to pose on. He was the perfect model and knew how to sit, stay and pose! Made my job easy.

labradoodle dog standing at the beach with a reflection showing in the water

Next up were some reflection shots since the tide was low. These are always some of my favorites! We did have to keep watching the water though, because the tide was definitely coming in.

We let Harvey off-leash at this point and he had a grand time doing zoomies all around and looking like the happiest boy ever! He loves the water so it was fun to capture him in his element.

After this we headed for the cliffside for some iconic San Diego beach cliff shots. Harvey jumped up on any rock I told him to and posed perfectly! He even showed off his “cross” trick where he crossed his paws and looked like a true gentleman!

dog and girl sitting on the beach looking at each other

We ended the session with some photos of Harvey and his mom. They have the best bond and you can tell how loved he is!

So happy then entered and won the BMAC giveaway!