Matcha the Schnauzer Rancho Bernardo

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Matcha at Pumpkin Station Rancho Bernardo and Lake Hodges Hiking Trails

I first met Matcha the mini Schnauzer at a Dog Mom Day event at Pet Power Studio in Encinitas, San Diego, and immediately fell in love with her big personality in that tiny bod of hers. She was so spunky and sweet, and ever since that day I secretly hoped that I would get to do a photoshoot with her in the future. Well, a few months later, my dream came true and Matcha’s mama, Jenn, inquired about doing a session to celebrate her 280th (in dog years) birthday! Her birthday was in October and she was hoping for some fall vibes for our photoshoot. 

This fun fall session took place at 2 locations so we had a little variety for Matcha’s photos! The first location was the pumpkin patch off of Highland Valley Road in Rancho Bernardo because during the fall months they have sunflower fields! Matcha’s mama loved the idea of including sunflowers in Matcha’s photos, so we made it happen 🙂 

Matcha posed like a supermodel and had fun running through the rows of sunflowers. Since the sunflowers growing there were so tall and she is on the smaller side, we had to improvise to get a good shot with the sunflowers included. Jenn to the rescue to hold Matcha up to be one with the flowers! 

After we got enough shots at the Pumpkin Station, we ventured a few blocks away to the Lake Hodges hiking trails for a dusty little adventure. Matcha is a city dog but had no problem getting her paws a little dirty and kicking up some dirt! We started with a few Mama and Matcha photos as the sun was setting in the trees which made for some beautiful light. 

Next up were action shots! I don’t know how she did it, but Matcha still managed to look as classy and adorable as ever as she trotted towards my camera. 

We took a few more shots along the trail and on a rock and snuck in a few more photos of Jenn and Matcha together to capture their sweet bond.

The final shot I wanted was a wide angle perspective so we walked back towards the car and found an area with a bunch of boulders. Matcha happily jumped on one of them and posed with the most amazing head tilt while I crouched below with my camera and ice light to snap the last epically precious photo!

A few weeks later, we met over Zoom to ooh-and-ahh over the photos together and Jenn decided to invest in a beautiful signature photo album and an acrylic block for her desk. I had so much fun designing her album and the best part was definitely watching her open it up and look at it for the first time! 

Thank you Jenn for letting me capture you and your girl!

Happy Tails!