Periwinkle + Lupe Nevada Beach

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Periwinkle and Lupe

Nevada Beach, South Lake Tahoe

The morning of our shoot with Periwinkle the Bernese Mountain Dog and Lupe the tripod, Adam and I woke up in the back of my Subaru Outback to raindrops falling and a chilly breeze. We slept HORRIBLY the night before at a South Lake Tahoe Campground where it seemed like everyone and their mother was staying at. We were one street over from a bar that played live music until 2 am and we could hear all the bar-goers getting rowdy and singing along until closing time. The lights from the row of restaurants were also glaring into our windows all night so we could barely sleep.

I paid $50 for this campsite and this is what we got….oh and I went to the bathroom I the morning and they were out of toilet paper. None to be found. Just had to get that off my chest. This is why we like primitive camping out in the middle of nowhere where we don’t have these issues.

Anyways, to get back on topic, it rarely rains in South Lake Tahoe in the summertime, but of course it happened to rain that day. We had plans to meet up with Periwinkle (@periwinkle_tahoe) and Grover and Biggie (@berneseoftahoe) at Nevada Beach that morning and stuck to them despite the weather.

Barley was not a huge fan of romping around the lake with water pelting him from the sky, but we hung out long enough to meet my models for the evening! I fell in love with Periwinkle’s one blue and one brown eye (the reason for her name!). I felt like a zombie from lack of sleep, so we said our goodbyes and tentatively planned to meet later that evening for our shoot (weather permitting).

It rained for most of the day, but as it got closer to our shoot time, the rain began to let up. Adam, Barley and I left for the shoot and I realized I had locked my phone in our hotel room and didn’t remember the code to get in, so I crossed my fingers that we were sticking to the plan of meeting in the parking lot and going through with the shoot. Luckily, Periwinkle, Lupe and their mom Rachel showed up right on time. Casey even came to help be a dog handler for the evening!

Casey and Rachel have lived in Tahoe forever and were the ones to suggest Nevada Beach (their favorite place). It was the perfect blend of mountains/trees and lakeside scenery. We started our shoot along a trail into a forested area with beautiful wildflowers and views of the nearby mountain. Periwinkle was such a natural at posing for being only 5 months old!!!

Since it had rained earlier in the day, there was a huge puddle along the trail, which I immediately knew I wanted to use for some reflection photos. This took quite a few tries as we were sharing the trail with bikers and other hikers, but we eventually got the shots of Lupe and Periwinkle. 

Next we headed further into the trees and Peri and Lupe took turns running from Casey to Rachel for some action photos! Lupe may only have 3 legs, but that doesn’t stop him from running and being happy as can be. 

Dog stood on a tree stump at Nevada Beach

We could see the light was starting to fade and the sun was beginning to set, so we hurried over towards the lake. As we were walking up, the sky began to turn the most beautiful array of pinks, oranges and yellows and I began to freak out and quickly change out my camera lenses and get my light bar out. Light fades fast, so we couldn’t waste time!

I spotted the perfect log and Periwinkle jumped right up onto it. It took 3 of us (me with the camera, Rachel with the trans and Casey holding the light) to get the shot, but we did it! This is definitely my favorite photo from our shoot together.

The colors in the sky were still vibrant and ever-changing, so we headed further towards the lake and I saw another pile of logs. This was perfect for putting Peri and Lupe on to capture some silhouette shots. We truly could not believe we lucked out with such an epic sunset after such a gray and rainy day. Lesson learned: rainy day might equal amazing sunsets!!

The pups did wonderfully and were such great models, so after this their reward was to go play on the sand like they love to do. All in all, we couldn’t have asked for a more perfect Lake Tahoe evening. 

Thanks for letting me enjoy your favorite place with you all!

Happy Tails!

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