Photography Challenge #1: Colourific

by | Education

I am excited to be participating in a photography challenge for the next 6 months! Embark is an interactive dog photography course based on completing shooting challenges. The course runs for six months, and includes 12 challenges – a new one every two weeks.

Here are the instructions for the first challenge: 

Find an area of bold colour and photograph your subject in front of it. We’re looking for images with a background comprising a single bold colour, or you may shoot against a background with multiple colours, with special attention paid to colour harmony.”

Luckily living in San Diego there are so many places with beautiful pops of color all over, from mural walls to colorful wildflowers to sunsets on the beach. I spent days searching the internet and instagram for a colorful wall and finally stumbled upon an awesome tricolor wall at Superbloom Cafe at Mission Bay Beach Club

tan and white dog smiling while sitting in front of colorful wall

When I thought about this wall, I knew exactly the model I wanted in order to create color harmony with the colors of the wall and the dog’s fur. This particular dog, Winona, also has the most adorable speckled nose and legs, which went perfectly with the spotted wall. 

brown, tan and white dog smiling while sitting in front of a colorful mural wall

I went there with my husband and dog, Barley, for breakfast the morning of my official second year in business as BMAC Pet Photography to scout out the area. It was an overcast morning which was perfect for photos. Barley was the best boy and modeled for me to see if I liked this spot for the challenge. 

I decided this spot was a winner, so 2 days later Winona and her mom (my old coworker) met me at Superbloom early in the morning around 7:30 am. This was a good time because it wasn’t busy and it was overcast so there was no harsh sunlight or shadows. 

Winona quickly showed me that she was the best model and posed so nicely for the camera! I tried a few different shots with my Zoom lens and wide angle and loved a lot of them but decided my favorite was the one I took with my 70-200 mm lens. Winona looks so fierce in them! 

This was the final image I decided to submit for the challenge! It was actually the first one critiqued on the feedback video from Craig and Charlotte. They had some good feedback for me and ended up shortlisting the image to review again for the top 20 and top 10. We made it to the top 22, but ultimately this was not a top 10 image. But that’s okay, because I learned a lot and got some good feedback to work on! I also do love this image myself and am proud of what I submitted. Onto the net challenge!