Rescue Dog Scripps Pier, La Jolla

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Piglet’s Dog Photography Session

Piglet’s mom, Ali, reached out to me about a photoshoot for her recently adopted rescue dog, Piggy. She explained that Piggy was reactive and had stranger danger and wasn’t sure if a pet photography session would be possible. I shared a few stories about my own experience with reactive/fearful dogs including adoptable rescue dogs and my own former dog, Cosmo, and let her know “I get it.” 

She explained all about Piggy and her tendencies and also explained that since working with a trainer they knew exactly how to set her up for success. I knew these were my people!

Ali, her boyfriend Wes and Piglet were planning to move to Chicago in a matter of 2 months and wanted to get some photos to remember their time San Diego by. What better place than the beach? We decided the morning would be better since it would likely be less crowded and also opted for an on-leash beach vs an off-leash dog beach. Ali loved the look of the cliffs at Scripps Pier, so that’s where we decided to meet!

dog standing on the beach in front of the waves

I could tell how excited Ali was for our session and absolutely loved that she sent me inspo photos, made sure her outfit would be okay and even asked what nail color might be best. I love when clients are prepared for our session!

She gave me and my husband (my trusty assistant) instructions on how would be best to meet Piglet initially. We were to ignore her, not talk and just let her come to us. Well I have to say, I was a breeze! She wasn’t spooked by us at all and became our friend quite quickly. 

Once we walked down to the beach, she really lit up with excitement and you could tell how much she loved being there! We started our session on the rocky cliffside to get Piggy used to the camera and she had no problem at all! She loved my noise-makers and posed like a champ!

Ali let me know beforehand that she really wanted to capture photos of her and Piggy and the whole family, so we made sure to get plenty meaningful photos capturing their connection. 

It was low tide that morning so there were some beautiful reflections, which I absolutely love! Piggy and her parents walked the beach together and had the best time…although when the water got to close, Piggy was OUT. No swimming for this girl!

We had fun capturing some epic action shots of Piggy running after her ball and from mom to dad and she had an absolute blast!

dog sitting on colorful rocks and looking up at the camera smiling

We finished with a few more photos of Ali and Piggy as well as some of Piggy on the colorful rocks by the cliffs. By now, she was super used to the camera and loved posing for treats.

Overall this was such a fun morning spent with equally dog-obsessed clients who were total rockstars to work with!

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