Sam + Jack Coronado, CA

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Sam and Jack’s Lifestyle Photoshoot

Tidelands Park, Coronado, CA

It all started when my friend and I decided to try out stand up paddle boarding with our dogs and booked a session with Sam of SUP Pups located in Liberty Station, San Diego. We arrived at our lesson and were greeted by Sam and her super mellow 14-year-old pup named Jack. I knew immediately that we were going to have a wonderful time because of Sam’s incredible energy and true passion for what she does. Our lesson was a ton of fun and we hung out for a bit afterwards to chat.

Sam and I discovered that we had both suffered immense losses in the passing of our dad’s one and 2 years prior (and later found out that our dad’s share the same birthday). I had this feeing that we were meant to meet. We chatted a bit more and I shared about my newly started pet photography business and handed Sam my business card. 

A few weeks later, I got a text from Sam and was beyond excited! Sam shared that she was interested in documenting photos of her and Jack to capture their relationship and special bond. We scheduled a photoshoot for sunset at Coronado Tidelands Park because the water is where they love spending their time. 

Sam and Jack showed up ready to have some fun and that’s exactly what we did! We started out capturing some photos of the two of them with Sam’s surf SUP and Jack posed like a champ. 

Sam showed off the amazing tattoo she has on her forearm of the most special pup in her world! 

Dog on a paddleboard with owner in the sea in Coronado

They even got out on the water for a fun shot of them in action on the paddle board (even though it was quite wavy out there). You could tell that they do this all the time…they were naturals out there!

Sam told me beforehand that she absolutely loves palm trees and there just happened to be a whole row of them where we were. Jack happily hopped up onto the rocks for me to snap the perfect photo of him looking as soulful as can be with palm trees surrounding him. 

Next up was an outfit and board change…from paddle board to skateboard (because these two do it all!). Looking at these photos now, I can just feel the love they have for each other. 

Our evening ended with a beautiful pastel sky and downtown lights. After we finished shooting, we hung out a bit longer chatting about life, our businesses and our dads. I feel so lucky to have met Sam and help her tell the story of her and Jack through photos.

Loving on Jack and Sam snapped a photo with my camera!

Thank you for being one of my very first clients and supporting this business dream of mine!

Happy Tails!

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