Spring Creek Kennel and Cattery Commercial Photography

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Dog Daycare and Boarding in Spring Valley, CA

Spring Creek Kennel and Cattery was established in 1983 as a family owned business providing boarding, daycare, bathing and a super safe and clean environment for both dogs and cats! The owner reached out because they wanted updated photos of the dogs in their facility enjoying their 6 play yards and giant swimming pool, as well as some images of the cats being taken care of in the cattery.

We did the photo session in August, so it was HOT, but that was okay because all the dogs kept cool in the pool and with the water many water misters they had on the property! It also made for happy smiling pups with tongues out which was a bonus. Jessica, the owner, wanted to make sure the images conveyed the fact that the dogs always had supervision in group settings and had access to toys, pools and water at all times. It was also important to capture the dogs who got one-on-one playtime with an employee if they preferred that over playing with other dogs.

The resulting images consisted of mostly action shots of dogs playing as well as dogs interacting with the employees and enjoying playtime.

The facility also has a beautiful “cattery” to board cats while their owners are away. We managed to create a few images of their friendliest cat named Seeker enjoying his time.

How BMAC served Spring Creek Kennel and Cattery:

  • 3 hour session at their facility location
  • Photography of over 15 different dogs and 3 different cats in their care
  • Gallery of over 100 images to choose from for purchase with 50 final images delivered
  • 2 week editing turnaround time with high res and web-optimized files included

This commercial pet photography session was truly so much fun because all the dogs and cats just got to be themselves and have fun!

Spring Creek Kennel now has a variety of imagery for their website including multiple pet breeds and sizes, photos of their play yards and pool area, images of cats enjoying the cattery area and even a few shots with the employees loving on dogs!

If you are a pet business thinking about your own brand and need for amazing imagery, reach out to BMAC Pet Photography here!