Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm Sessions 2023

by | Photo Sessions

Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm Woodburn, Oregon

The Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm, located in Woodburn, Oregon, is a picturesque destination that attracts visitors during Spring each years from around the world. Located about 35 miles south of Portland, it is easy to get to and opens early for sunrise at 5 am daily. Known for its stunning tulip fields, the farm is a popular spot for photographers and nature-lovers alike! And the best part about the farm? Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm is dog friendly!

This year (2023) we visited April 11-13th, which is normally peak bloom for the tulips. However, due to an unusually cold winter, the field was only at about 20% bloom status while we were there. This is a first since the farm opened 40 years ago! Thankfully we were able to find a few rows with beautiful blooms and used those for some amazing photos. The farm is open from late March to early May each year.


The best time to go is usually for sunrise (if the weather is supposed to be nice/clear). I also recommend a weekday as weekend days can get very busy. If you go at these times, there are less people there, so you can generally find plenty of spots for photos without too many distractions. The earliest you may get there is 5 am and you can purchase a ticket for just one day or get a season pass if you plan to go multiple days throughout the season. If you get a season pass, you are allowed to visit anytime between 5 am- 9 pm daily.

If it has rained recently, this can make for awesome reflection photos. Just be prepared for lot of mud. I wore rainboots, which made it so easy to rinse toff my shoes when we were done. It’s also very chilly in the early morning, so make sure to wear layers and bring gloves! 

Some rules to remember are to keep your dog on leash, especially if it’s busy, and not to let them trample the tulips. We tried to stay at the very end of the rows and get photos that way, so that no tulips were harmed in the making of photos. 

Something that we didn’t get to enjoy on the days we were there, but would be fun to do/see are hot air balloon rides at sunrise! These occur weather-permitting and would make a great addition to photos!

Hope you enjoyed seeing these photos as much as I enjoyed taking them! If you’re looking for a Spring destination next year, put Oregon on your list!